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Mobile updates 📱
Many changes from the web version have been introduced to our iOS and Google Play apps as well. Some new features such as audio messages are especially convenient on the mobile version of Rock. We just released Rock 1.7.0 with the latest bug fixes, performance improvements and better task and note visualization to improve the experience on mobile.

We’re Zoomin’ 👩‍💻
Connect your Zoom account to Rock and have your meetings a click away in every space. Easily set up a Zoom meeting when you need to discuss something quickly or set up a screen share to walk someone through the latest design mocks.

Hear me now 📣
Sometimes its just easier to say what you mean. With audio messages in Rock you can now send a quick audio message when you're on your phone or on your computer.

Duplicate tasks 👯‍♂️
Save precious time by duplicating tasks when needed. Keep labels and task descriptions while moving the duplicated task to any space and list. Copy a task from one space to another so you don’t need to recreate tasks across multiple projects.

Space folders 📂
If you have lots of Rock spaces you can now organize them into folders, so you can keep your space list tidy 🧼. Create a folder for 1:1s, Marketing, or Product, and easily switch between different workstreams.

Guests in spaces 👀
Want to invite someone to a space but don’t want them to change tasks, notes or files? The new guest role limits ⛔️ the actions of users in your different spaces. This can be useful for spaces where you use Rock as an information board or for community purposes.


Road trippin’ 🛣️
Mobile apps are now available in the App Store and on Google Play so you can pretty much use Rock from anywhere. Leave us a 5-star review if you like what you’re seeing 😀.

Drive 🚘
Add any Google Drive folder to a space so everybody has access to every relevant file. No more digging through emails & messages to find that one file that got away.

Harder, Better, Faster ⏩
The ☑️ Tasks mini-app is now a lot faster, the Board View handles better, and labels now make it easier to get everything organized.

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