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Upgrade from email & spreadsheets and streamline your recruiting pipeline.

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Why Rock

don't settle for email

Don't settle for email

Stop emailing candidate spreadsheets and upgrade to Rock to get your hiring organized.

cross organization

Works for everyone

Bring together internal and external recruiters, interviewers, and hiring managers.

better value

Simple & free

Instead of paying for a dedicated recruiting solution use Rock for free.

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Rock combines messaging, video/audio calls, tasks, notes and files. Organize, discuss and get things done together.


Create a space for different roles, clients or 1:1s with your team.


Create a task for every candidate and organize all their information in one place.


Quickly add interview feedback or meeting notes and easily share with the team.


Link a Google Drive folder to a space so you always have every relevant job description, client one-pagers and more within reach.


Instantly start a video call or share your screen with everybody in the space.

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Step by step

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Create a space

Step 1

After you've signed up for Rock, press plus button to create a group space that can be used for recruiting. You can name this space after a new client or team.

Invite hiring managers, recruiting coordinators and interviewers by adding their email addresses. These could be email addresses from any domain.

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recruiting board

Set up your candidate board

Step 2

Open the tasks Tasks mini-app and switch to tasks Board View.

Press lists icon Edit Lists to rename the different lists to match your recruiting stages (e.g., "Resume Review", "Schedule interview"). For any final stages ("Reject" or "Accept") select the complete checkmark.


Add candidates

Step 3

In the Tasks mini-app, press add button to create a new task for a candidate.

Give the task the name of your candidate, add a short description, attach a resume, and assign people to follow up if needed.

Use labels to associate a candidate with a specific role (e.g. "Front-end").

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Discuss and follow up

Step 4

Add comments to candidates as they progress through the interview process or @ mention them in a chat message: "Check out the candidate in @task:7".


Keep candidates moving

Step 5

Use tasks Board View to get a visual overview of candidates across different stages.

Drag and drop candidates between stages to keep them moving.

Open a candidate task to see any comments/notes that have been added to a candidate throughout the interview process.

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Other usecases

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team icon Vacation plans
team icon School projects
team icon Website development
team icon 1:1's with your team
team icon Key sales accounts