Why Rock is better
than Trello.

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More than just tasks. Rock combines messaging with a built-in task board so you don't need to switch between different apps to get work done.

Keep projects moving and make your team more productive by switching to Rock. All for free.

See how Rock works.

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Rock vs Trello

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Track your progress with Tasks

Each Rock space has its own built-in task board. Unlike Trello, you can manage any project, big or small, without ever leaving Rock.

With the Tasks mini-app, you can assign tasks, add checklists, and customize labels.


Organize & discuss together

Rock has built-in messaging so you can switch between tasks and conversations to keep things moving.

Trello works as a simple task board, Rock combines different kinds of communicating—like tasks and messaging—so your team can work together easily wherever they are.


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Work with anyone

Create a space in Rock for any kind of work, whether you need to work with a group or one-to-one. Add anyone, even partners and clients outside your organization.

After someone joins a space in Rock, they can discuss projects, complete or assign tasks, and access files.


Works with Google Drive

Link a Google Drive folder to any Rock space so everyone can get what they need. You’ll never have to dig through an email inbox, message thread, or folder again.


Mention anything

Use @ to mention any task, note, or file anywhere in Rock so people know exactly what you’re talking about.


Organize your conversations with comments

Organize your discussions by adding comments to tasks. Rock saves all comments so you can always revisit older conversations.


Do more for free

Switch to Rock where everything you need is in one place instead of paying for separate tools like Slack, Trello, and others.

With Rock, you get unlimited messaging, mini-apps, and more—for free.


Free | $12.50 per month

when paid monthly

$0 per month

Free Forever

All features
Mini-apps Rich & integrated.
Video calls
Google Drive
Spaces or Channels Unlimited
Cross-org spaces
Messages Unlimited
@ Mention anything Tasks, notes, files & spaces
Video calls Free 1:1 and group calls
Zoom integration
Spaces or project boards Free: 10 boards | Paid: Unlimited Unlimited
Tasks or cards Unlimited Unlimited
Lists Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple assignees
Follow a task
List View
Expanded List View
Board View