Bring order to chaos
with Rock.

All-in-one messaging with tasks, files, notes, and all your apps in one space. All for free.

the new way of work

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Trusted by ๐Ÿš€ thousands of teams
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Available on Desktop, Web, iOS, and Android.

Why Rock?

Be more

one thing

Too many apps leads to too much chaos. Rock combines messaging with tasks and more, so your team can be more productive.

Simple, better
and free

simple to use

Simple to use, but with everything your team needs to get work done.
Best of all โ€“ it's free.

Less meeting, more

better value

Work more asynchronous and get rid of distractions and meetings. Be more organized & focused and get more time back for deep work.

Too many apps.
Too much chaos.

separate apps
Having to juggle too many different apps leads to chaos, confusion,
and gets in the way of getting work done.

Bring order to chaos

Team work is a lot easier
when everything is in one space

one space 1

Send messages, create tasks, share cloud files,
and much more. Bring your team and do it all in Rock.

Tasks and messaging together at last

tasks 1

With tasks and messaging together โ€“ nothing
falls through the cracks and work just gets done.

Bring your apps together in Rock

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Access cloud files, share designs, and connect anything to Rock with Zapier and Webhooks.
Works with Google Drive, Dropbox, Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom, and lots more.

Less meeting, more focus.

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Switch to a more organized and asynchronous way of working with tasks, comments,
and topics. Get rid of unnecessary meetings and the pressure to be online all the time.

Work with anyone inside and
outside your organization

one space 1

Whether you work with clients, freelancers, or agencies โ€“ they can now
easily join the conversation, work on tasks, and access the files they need.

Stop slacking, start rocking

Not just better, but also just better value.
Get unlimited messaging, tasks, members, and moreโ€”all for free.

Use cases


Do anything your startup needs from product development to recruiting, on Rock.


Run your entire startup on Rock.

Rock is built for any kind of work:

team icon Product development
team icon School projects
team icon Website development